Roof maintenance is extremely effective in minimizing the frequency and severity of roof leaks, roof repair and roof replacement.

Let Advanced Roofing Solutions inspect, clean and beautify your roof.

Our roof maintenance service involves the following steps:

  • The crews first clean the roof of all debris and check to make sure the drains, overflows, gutters and downspouts are clear. They then walk the entire roof to inspect and repair any discovered defects as needed.
  • Photos are taken of our repair work as well as the overall condition of the roof. As with our roof leak service, we provide photos of the work we performed as well as the general roof maintenance status so our clients have a clear understanding of the existing roof conditions.
  • If our technicians find conditions or defects that are beyond the scope of a normal roof maintenance, they will alert the office so we can inspect the problem and provide recommendation and pricing for a solution.

We proudly provide roof maintenance service for homes, industrial and commercial communities throughout Maui.

Roof Repair Maui
Before – Keanae Church with roof damage


Upper sections of the roof re-roofed with wood shakes.

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